scribblings on Game of Thrones 6.09

i leave for five minutes.png
“I leave you guys alone for five minutes …”

riders with flags.png

I really love the convention of opening scenes of negotiation with riders carrying banners. It puts one in the scene very nicely – my first thought is the first thought someone on the field would have: “The flayed man! Men of House Bolton approach.”

I assume this is going to be some psychological torture of Sansa, if Ramsay is stupid enough to leave Winterfell.

riders with flags II.png

Hmmm … from this distance the interlocutors kind of look like meshichists.

riders with flags III.png


riders with flags IV.png

By the old gods and the new, I love this young scamp. I am ready for her to kick some Bolton ass.


time to go take Chekhovs Walk.png

“I like to go for a long walk the night before a battle. That way, I can stumble into Bolton’s assassins whose existence I have definitely proven by virtue of my saying these words to you. Chekhov’s Long Walk.”

time to go take Chekhovs Walk II.png

Oh, I’ve found me much more than assassins … much, much more …

-And I imagine your offer is free of any marriage demands.
-I never demand, but I’m up for anything, really.

lesbian power couple on the Iron Throne.png

Yes! Dany+Yara! Lesbian power couple on the Iron Throne 2017!

Yara n Dany two true queens.png

yaaaay! Two True Queens #TTQ


C’mon Baelish surprise cavalry charge. As high as honor, as high as honor, as high as honor …

bolton crosses.png

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Bolton fear advantage. I wonder how much it weakens a man to envisage his own defeat and torture. I’ve read studies suggesting that increased prison terms don’t actually decrease crime, because criminals don’t actually think they’ll get caught. But perhaps it’s different here – men before battle have ample time to consider the consequences. Perhaps it eats at them further. Or perhaps it makes them feel like they’re on the righteous side. Perhaps it girds them like the scuttled ships of Cortes girded his conquistadors.

Regardless of their actual effectiveness as psychological weapons, these burning crosses look really cool.

Oh, they actually have people on them. Gross.

jon being sad.png

un-fucking-believable. he’s rage-charging by himself.


i really want to back the Starks i really really do they’re so honourable but they’re SO FUCKING STUPID.

I like your odds Jon.png


What a stupid pointless slaughter.

Baelish horns.png






as high as honor.png


suck it, Boltons.

there must always be a stark in winterfell.png

This is the best birthday present a boy could ever want.

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